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USFG Faceters Email List

Welcome Faceters! - USFGfaceterslist Guidelines and Policies

The USFGfaceterslist is an e-mail discussion group provided and hosted for faceters as an educational and information resource for faceters and is sponsored by the United States Faceters Guild. If you are a faceter or have developed an interest in faceting you are welcome to join us.

Membership is free:
Web hosting provide by www.Yahoo.com and is supported by paid advertising http://groups.yahoo.com


List Command Addresses:
To subscribe: usfgfaceterslist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
To post (subscribers only): usfgfaceterslist@yahoogroups.com
To unsubscribe: usfgfaceterslist-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

A BBS style web interface to the USFGfaceterslist with searchable archives, files areas for USFGfaceterslist members to upload/download gemstone designs, pictures, articles and other files, and autonomously adjust their distribution preferences is provided at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/usfgfaceterslist. Futher general help on using Yahoo Groups is online at http://help.yahoo.com/help/groups.

Each new member is encouraged to post a short bio to the list upon joining to help us to get to know each other better.

Please keep your posts to the USFGfaceterslist confined to topical matters of interest to the entire group. The USFGfaceterslist is dedicated to education and the sharing of information about faceting - posts of questions and answers, tips, techniques, hints, help and other faceting related information are appropriate and encouraged. When responding to a message, decide for yourself if your response should be sent directly to the individual as an off-list, private email, or if it's of interest to the group at large.

All posts to the USFGfaceterslist are copyright as works of authorship by their respective authors and may not be republished or reposted on the web, except in the course of distribution to the USFGfaceterslist and in the USFGfaceterslist Archives, without the expressed permission of the posting author.

Sharing Files & Photos:
Members with a Yahoo ID and password my view or directly upload files & photos to share. All files and photos are subject to moderation; inappropriate material, suspected copyright issues, and/or excessively large files may be deleted without notice of any kind.

Spams, flames, profanity, abusive advertising, and topically irrelevant content posted to the USFGfaceterslist may be filtered at the discretion of the list moderators. Please identify the subject of your post with a *descriptive* subject line. When responding to a message use copy-and-paste techniques to reference or quote pertinent text.

Members suspected of list harvesting e-mail addresses will be banned.

Please submit your posts to the USFGfaceterslist using plain text only and not in HTML or "rich text" formats. Graphics, binaries, and email attachments are stripped from posts and will not be directly distributed to the USFGfaceterslist.

Off the Dop:
Just finish a stone? You're invited to share what you've cut and your results with us!

Announcements and Advertisements:
Hobbyists with wants or faceting equipment to sell are encouraged to submit wanted or for sale posts to that effect. Manufacturers, distributors, dealers and commercial entities who traffic in faceting related equipment and rough are welcome as USFGfaceterslist members as participants and may also periodically post ads or notices to the USFGfaceterslist.

Please clearly designate all advertisements and commercial announcements by preceding the other terms in your post's subject line with "Advertisement: ".

Commercial advertisers please limit your frequency to one ad per month maximum. The list administrator(s) may filter posts containing excessive promotional or commercial content or revoke list membership of abusive or problematic advertisers. The USFGfaceterslist is provided as an educational and information resource and not as a venue for free advertising and promotion by commercial interests.

Notices of club or guild meetings, shows, and other events of interest to the faceting community at large are always welcome.

If you have a lengthy list of items to advertise, do not post your entire list - simply summarize what's on your list and provide an email address or URL for further information.

Announcements and advertisements are provided for informational purposes only. The USFGfaceterslist or USFG do not endorse or otherwise recommend any seller or advertiser, and strongly advises you to scrutinize and make your own determinations as to the integrity and qualifications of those with whom you deal.

Member suggestions or comments on USFGfaceterslist administration, and how you think this resource could be improved or should be changed are welcome. They may be directed to usfgfaceterslist-owner@yahoogroups.com

Posts to and opinions expressed on the USFGfaceterslist are those of its members, content contributors and list administrators and not the USFG.

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